Dr. Oz Today Gives Anti Aging Myths And Birth Control Pill Debate 3/9/2012

Doctor Oz Birth Control

Today, Doctor Oz shows the light on the myths of anti aging products and he will also debate whether you should be taking birth control pills after 40. Everybody has heard a tale or two about how to stop the clock on our bodies. Many products out there promise seemingly impossible results. Oz will be […]

Dr. Oz Today: 5 Minute Total Body Workout And Health Confessions 3/8/2012

Oz embarassing health questions

Today Doctor Oz has a new total body workout that he says anyone can do in 5 minutes and we will see more shocking health confessions. What are the secrets you are keeping from your doctor? Are you endangering your health by not telling? Some people are so embarrassed by body functions, quirks, and other […]

Dr. Oz Today: Chris Powell Says Eat Carbs To Lose Weight 3/7/2012

Chris Powell on Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz has celebrity trainer Chris Powell on the show today and he says eating carbs will turn our body into a fat burning machine and we will lose weight. Powell and Oz have teamed up with a new plan that promises to break our addiction to carbs in just seven days. Diet success requires […]

Dr. Oz Show Today 3/6/2012: Are Web Sites Promoting Anorexia?

Oz on anorexia

Dr. Oz attacks anorexia today and he says there are web sites actually promoting anorexic behavior and endangering peoples’ lives. The show opens with Oz talking about pro-ana and the web sites that promote anorexia. He says this is a dangerous trend and these sites are promoting a lifestyle that is killing people. We see […]

Dr. Oz 3/5/2012: The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Get Healthy And Lose Weight

Doctor Oz Lazy guide to fitness

Today, Doctor Oz is promising to give us an easy way to lose weight and prevent disease with no workouts, no cooking, and no major lifestyle changes. Oz promises one whole hour of diet, fitness, weight loss, and health discussion that is supposed to show us simple changes that anyone can stick with to succeed. […]

Doctor Oz Today: Super Diet Foods And Supplements For Your Body Type

oz ayurvedic medicine

Doctor Oz gives Super Foods and Super Supplements for your specific body type to get your diet going to allow you to lose weight. Oz starts the show and says Ayurvedic Medicine will balance you mind, body, and spirit and will match you to your specific body type. Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary says the three body […]

Dr. Oz 2/27/2012: Busting Diet Myths To See What Is Making You Fat

doctor oz diet myth

Doctor Oz is talking about diets again today and will be revealing five myths that can be sabotaging your weight loss and keeping you fat. The show will feature Dr. Jeff Werber and be all about diet, nutrition, anti aging, and weight loss. So what are these myths? The teasers for the show have looked […]

Dr. Oz Takes On Fatigue And Its Surprising Causes 2/23/2012

doctor oz fatigue

Today, Doctor Oz is exploring what causes fatigue and how it can be caused by some weird things in your life. He will be giving us some alternative ways to cure this disease. Oz asks if we are still feeling tired, exhausted, or run down even though we get plenty of sleep and keep our […]