Dr. Oz Unveils New Miracle Appetite Suppressant Today 3/16/2012

Oz Belly Supplement

Doctor Oz is having another previously aired show today discussing belly blasting supplements, appetite suppressants, and Deepak Chopra’s Stress Fighting Secrets. The miracle appetite suppressant is Satiereal Saffron Extract. Oz says saffron turns on the same pleasure sensors in our brains that carbs do, so we fell satisfied. He says we need about 90mg a […]

Dr. Oz 1/25/2012: A New “Old” Treatment For Depression

Dr Oz electro Shock therapy

Doctor Oz is talking about depression today and how some people are resorting to an old technique that is showing promise in helping to cure patients. Electro Shock Therapy is something that most of us have only seen in the movies. Remember “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”? No one can forget Jack Nicholson being […]

Dr. Oz Today 1/3/2012: New Miracle Pill To Lose Weight And Dr. Phil Talks Breaking Bad Habits


Doctor Oz today starts of the new year with a show dedicated to a new “Miracle Pill” that is supposed to let you lose inches off you body in weeks instead of months. The new show will also feature Montel Williams and he will be discussing the many natural supplements that are available for a […]

Doctor Oz Show Recap 12/19/2011: What Are The New Healthy Drinks?


Doctor Oz today is having the 12 Days of Christmas Countdown and will be showing us all the latest “health smart” holiday gifts and showing us Healthy Holiday snacks. The show starts out with Dr. Oz’s twelve days of Christmas and he give the audience 12 gifts that are based on different areas of our […]

Dr. Oz Investigates Near-Death Experiences, Cleavage Wrinkles and Beauty Tips (Recap)


On today’s Dr. Oz show, Doctor Oz explored near-death experiences. As a surgeon, he says he has seen it from both sides and it has happened to a patient of his named George. What George taught Dr. Oz is that we don’t “do death well” in America. Laurelynn came on the show and shared her […]

Dr. Oz Says Chronic Pain is a Real Disease – It’s Not In Your Head! (Show Recap)


On the Dr. Oz Show today, Dr. Oz revealed the “truth” about chronic pain. 116 million people suffer from chronic pain and Dr. Oz says that there is ground-breaking research that proves chronic pain is a disease and not something you’re making up or is “in your head.” A lot of people came on the […]

Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation Million Dollar Giveaway Announced Today (Recap)

dr oz screenshot

Doctor Oz kicked off his new Transformation Nation program on the show today, and he is even giving away one million dollars to one lucky participant! The “Transformation Nation Million Dollar You” is a simple 7-step program. Join on the Dr. Oz website and maybe you will win the million dollars. Dr. Oz is partnering […]

Dr. Oz’s Definitive Shopping List: 100 Foods To Buy For Healthy Eating


Dr. Oz spent a day with a busy mom and learned first-hand how exhausting it is to be a mom! Oh yeah, and he also figured out a definitive shopping list that will make grocery shopping easier for us. Yay! Protein Time Saver: Soy burgers. Dr. Oz does not like processed foods/packaged foods, but he […]