Dr. Oz Show Today: Whole Body Anti-Aging Guide

Dr. Oz, 1/10/2014, is all about anti-aging today and our favorite Doctor is going to give us the latest news on keeping our whole body looking younger. Many of us women constantly look for ways to fight Father Time. Oz has given out a lot of remedies and focused on supplement and foods that will […]

Oz Belly Supplement

Dr. Oz Unveils New Miracle Appetite Suppressant Today 3/16/2012

Doctor Oz is having another previously aired show today discussing belly blasting supplements, appetite suppressants, and Deepak Chopra’s Stress Fighting Secrets. The miracle appetite suppressant is Satiereal Saffron Extract. Oz says saffron turns on the same pleasure sensors in our brains that carbs do, so we fell satisfied. He says we need about 90mg a […]

oz quick face fixes

Doctor Oz Today: Lose A Decade Without Surgery 2/24/2012

Dr. Oz promises to give us easy and fast ways to look 10 years younger today without the need for invasive and expensive plastic surgery. Oz starts the show today by saying the signs of aging are etched on our faces. He says he has a team of top plastic surgeons and asked them to […]

Dr Oz electro Shock therapy

Dr. Oz 1/25/2012: A New “Old” Treatment For Depression

Doctor Oz is talking about depression today and how some people are resorting to an old technique that is showing promise in helping to cure patients. Electro Shock Therapy is something that most of us have only seen in the movies. Remember “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”? No one can forget Jack Nicholson being […]