This afternoon, Dr. Andrew Weil, America’s holistic expert, will reveal the 5 natural secrets to better health and weight loss on the “Dr. Oz” Show. These holistic solutions are said to help boost energy, increase immunity, and battle heart disease while helping those losing weight to do it in a healthy way. Dr. Oz today […]

The “Dr. Oz Show” today featured Dr. Andrew Weil and his 4-week to happiness plan. Dr. Weil explained it is natural for the average individual to experience depression just as it is natural for there to be sunny days mixed with cloudy ones! There seems to be some relationship between increased depression with increased affluence […]

The Doctor Oz show today was all about the future of medicine, with guest Dr. Andrew Weil on board to discuss Integrative Medicine. Dr. Oz made a big deal out of how your doctor does not want you to know about it. I guess I’m fortunate, because my doctor is fine with me knowing about […]