Dr. Oz Today brings Kathy Freston, fitness guru, with a plan to get our mind and body healthy while Oz takes on answering Gross Medical Questions. Dr. Raj is on the show to answer these questions and the first one is about explosive bowel movements during the monthly cycle. Oz explains what happens in your […]

Dr. Oz will be covering some very serious topics this week and they include the new deadly drug Dragonfly and how to use the Buddy System to lost weight. On Tuesday, he will be talking of heart healthy foods that will keep your ticker “ticking” right along and discussing the new designer drug called Dragonfly. […]

This afternoon on the “Dr. Oz Show” the doctor challenges Southern food expert, Paula Deen, to create a healthier and LOWFAT version of an American favorite – macaroni and cheese! She was up for the challenge and we have the Paula Deen mac ‘n cheese recipe here for you…   Paula Deen’s Healthier Mac and Cheese Makes […]

On today’s Dr. Oz show, Doctor Oz explored near-death experiences. As a surgeon, he says he has seen it from both sides and it has happened to a patient of his named George. What George taught Dr. Oz is that we don’t “do death well” in America. Laurelynn came on the show and shared her […]