Mother’s Little Helper is a new diet pill that women all over are using to lose weight and get more energy and Dr. Oz says it is dangerous. As the show opens, Oz talks about a new prescription that boosts energy, makes you more alert, and gives you easy weight loss. These drugs are used […]

On the “Dr. Oz Show” today (3/12/12), Dr. Oz covers fast fixes for health issues (trying saying that three times fast) and asks “What’s YOUR problem?” while providing answers to questions ranging from silly to serious which you might feel uncomfortable asking your physician. He will introduce us to foods for deeper sleep, so if […]

Today on the Dr. Oz Show, Chris Powell reveals his new plan to cut carb cravings in 7 days so you can jump start your diet and lose weight. Oz opens the show by saying addiction to carbs is the main reason people fail in their diets. He says this addiction is just as bad […]

The “Dr. Oz Show” today is one which no teenager or parent should miss and definitely one which should spur some necessary conversations between parent and child no matter what! It is about the newest experimental drug – Bromo-Dragonfly – which is being purchased through the Internet by our young adults with potentially fatal results […]