Dr. Oz Show Today: Mother’s Little Helper Diet Pill 3/22/2012

dr oz today

Mother’s Little Helper is a new diet pill that women all over are using to lose weight and get more energy and Dr. Oz says it is dangerous. As the show opens, Oz talks about a new prescription that boosts energy, makes you more alert, and gives you easy weight loss. These drugs are used […]

So…What’s YOUR Problem? Answers to Silly and Serious Questions on the “Dr. Oz Show” Today!


On the “Dr. Oz Show” today (3/12/12), Dr. Oz covers fast fixes for health issues (trying saying that three times fast) and asks “What’s YOUR problem?” while providing answers to questions ranging from silly to serious which you might feel uncomfortable asking your physician. He will introduce us to foods for deeper sleep, so if […]

Doctor Oz Show: Chris Powell Plan To Cut Carb Cravings 3/7/2012

Chris Powell

Today on the Dr. Oz Show, Chris Powell reveals his new plan to cut carb cravings in 7 days so you can jump start your diet and lose weight. Oz opens the show by saying addiction to carbs is the main reason people fail in their diets. He says this addiction is just as bad […]

BROMO-DRAGONFLY…The Legal AND Deadly Designer Party Drug is Discussed on the “Dr. Oz Show” Today!


The “Dr. Oz Show” today is one which no teenager or parent should miss and definitely one which should spur some necessary conversations between parent and child no matter what! It is about the newest experimental drug – Bromo-Dragonfly – which is being purchased through the Internet by our young adults with potentially fatal results […]

The Dr. Oz Show Today Gives Tips for Butt Busting and Belly Blasting!

Diet Breakthrough

The “Dr. Oz Show” today gives tips on butt busting and belly blasting with diet breakthroughs that get rid of belly fat and reduce butt fat while explaining the difference between the two types. What is your problem area? If you are born with it, are you stuck with it? Dr. Oz says no to […]

The Dr. Oz Show Today Discusses America’s Battle With Insomnia and Natural Body Scrubs


The Dr. Oz Show today discusses America’s battle with insomnia and the desperate measures some people resort to in order to get sleep. Dr. Oz talked about Michael Jackson’s extreme use of highly dangerous drugs administered through Dr. Conrad Murray who is currently on trial for manslaughter in the death of the pop icon. Jackson’s […]

FIVE Things Men Won’t Tell You But the Dr. Oz Show Spills the Beans Today!

Dr. Oz Men Show

What are the FIVE things men won’t tell you which the “Dr. Oz Show” today unveils? Can YOU handle the TRUTH? Dr. Oz and Dr. Laura Berman help wives and girlfriends understand the top five secrets men don’t want you to know. The #5 secret comes from the first couple, Janine and Brett, who have […]

You NEED These Quick Fixes for Those Habits and Daily Concerns from the Dr. Oz Show Today!

The “Dr. Oz Show” today ended with a clarification about the arsenic comments made about Juicy Juice on a previous show with Dr. Oz stating that Nestle disputed the findings. He introduced the fact that several apple juice companies were invited to the show but declined and the “Dr. Oz Show” executives met with the […]

Dr. Oz Goes Head-to-Head With Controversial Healer and Audience Dances Their Abs Off!


This afternoon on the “Dr. Oz Show,” the doctor went head-to-head with a controversial doctor of alternative medicine, Dr. Mosaraf Ali. Is he the real deal or a manipulative fraud? Dr. Oz gets to the bottom of his “medicine” techniques. You be the judge! Honestly, I was pretty impressed with the accuracy of the diagnoses […]

Dr. Oz Shows How to Get Healthy While Keeping Precious Funds in Your Pocket!

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On the “Dr. Oz Show” today, the doctor covers how to save $1000 a year and get healthy at the same time. How? Through using common sense and coupons…yep, we are going to give you tips on keeping those precious funds in YOUR pocket! The “Guide to Living Healthy on the Cheap” starts with how […]