Dr. Oz Show Today: Food Addiction Test And New Cancer Treatments

Dr. Oz today, March 18, 2014, is talking about food addiction and how it can lead to health problems and weight gain along with highlighting a new radical cancer treatment that is turning the medical world upside down. We all know that anything can become an addiction. Some people are addicted to drugs, some alcohol, […]


Dr. Oz Show: Corn Sensitivity Could Cause Health Problems

Dr. Oz, March 17, 2014, gave us a Corn Sensitivity quiz to determine if corn is causing us health problems and reveals Vitamin D deficiency could cause high blood pressure. We all know that people sensitive to gluten can develop leaky gut syndrome and Oz tells us that we can get the same symptoms from […]


Dr. Oz Show Today: New Dangers In Artificial Sweeteners

Dr. Oz, March 10, 2014, says there is new evidence that artificial sweeteners can be harmful to or health on the show today. Oz has said that these low or zero calorie sweeteners found in many diet drinks can actually cause you to gain weight. These additions to diet drinks are up to 10 times […]


Dr. Oz On Fibroids: Myomectomy, Acessa Procedure, Uterian Artery Embolization

The Dr. Oz Show Today, February 19, 2014, talked about new cutting edge treatments for Fibroids and Dr. Jessica Shepherd was the special guest. Oz says that 80% of African American Women will develop fibroids by the time they are 50 as compared to 50% of the rest of the female population. Fibroids are non […]