Dr. Oz Show: Epsom Salt Bath To Lose Inches, Vitamin B3, and BearBerry Extract


Dr. Oz, January 10, 2014, revealed new ways to naturally lose inches, get rid of wrinkles, and make age spots disappear on the show today. We all know that looking in the mirror reveals more and more things that make us want to look younger. Seeing those fine wrinkles around your chin, those crows feet […]

Mood Boosting Super Foods And Rosie O’Donnell On Dr. Oz Today 4/6/2012

rosie odonnell on dr oz

Mood Boosting Super Foods are one part of The Doctor Oz Show Today along with an in depth and personal interview with Rosie O’Donnell and her weight battle. The majority of the show today is a personal look into the life of Rosie O’Donnell where she confesses her fears and her lifelong struggle with her […]

Skin Care Tips And New Anti Aging Supplement On Dr. Oz Today (recap)

dr oz 4/5 show

The Dr. Oz Show talks about skin care for your skin type today and we also got a new anti-aging supplement called Schizandra Berry from Chris Kilham. Keep refreshing this page for our live recap. The show opens with Oz giving a breakdown of how the different skin types are effected by things like sunlight […]

Dr. Oz Today 4/5/2012: Anti Aging Skin Care Plan For Specific Skin Types

Anti Aging Dr. Oz

Today, Doctor Oz has an ultimate skin care plan designed specifically for your particular skin type and other beauty and anti aging miracle recipes. many of us use the same routines as our friends to take care of our skin, even if we have a different skin type. This can be doing more harm than […]

Get Healthy Instantly With Dr. Oz’s Fool Proof Plan Today 4/4/2012

Boost Your Mood Instantly

Dr. Oz today is focusing on how your mood could be sabotaging your diet and weight loss goals and he has some foolproof suggestions that will help everyone. Jennifer Jolly, gadget expert, Jeffrey Saad, famous chef, and Sari Greaves, Nutrition Director at the Step Ahead Weight Loss Center, are the special guests for today. The […]

Grossest Questions Ever Asked On Dr. Oz Today 4/3/2012

Dr. Oz Gross Questions

Doctor Oz is heading into familiar territory with another gross and embarrassing question and answer show today where he will take on the Grossest Stuff Ever. Oz must like doing these shows because this will be the fourth one this season. He has covered everything from anal leakage to stinky feet and today promises to […]