Today, Doctor Oz has an ultimate skin care plan designed specifically for your particular skin type and other beauty and anti aging miracle recipes. many of us use the same routines as our friends to take care of our skin, even if we have a different skin type. This can be doing more harm than […]

Dr. Oz today is focusing on how your mood could be sabotaging your diet and weight loss goals and he has some foolproof suggestions that will help everyone. Jennifer Jolly, gadget expert, Jeffrey Saad, famous chef, and Sari Greaves, Nutrition Director at the Step Ahead Weight Loss Center, are the special guests for today. The […]

Doctor Oz is heading into familiar territory with another gross and embarrassing question and answer show today where he will take on the Grossest Stuff Ever. Oz must like doing these shows because this will be the fourth one this season. He has covered everything from anal leakage to stinky feet and today promises to […]

Doctor Oz Today is all about recognizing the warning signs of premature aging and how you can reverse them to look younger and feel great. Oz opens the show by saying you can turn back time and reverse premature aging. First, Danielle has forehead wrinkles and Oz says she needs to get on top of […]