Dr. Oz Show Recap 3/27/2012: Alternative And Cheap Solutions For Pain

doctor oz pain solutions

The Doctor Oz Show starts today by talking about pain and how we all deal with it on a daily basis. Oz has some radical ways to eliminate pain. He has a special pain panel today from the leading doctors in the field to give solutions for common pains. First, back pain can be cured […]

Dr. Oz Gives Solutions For Pain That Cost Less Than $10 Today 3/27/2012

dr. oz budget pain relief

The Dr. Oz show today is all about getting rid of your most common pains without breaking your budget and he promises solutions for under $10 dollars. The show has a full slate of expert guests today and will feature Dr. Shelly Wroth, Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil, Dr. Lillie Rosenthal, Dr. Christian Whitney, Sallie Fraenkel, Carol […]

Dr. Oz Explores Unlocking Hidden Intuition And The Afterlife Today 3/23/2012

Char margolis on Dr. oz

Medium Char Margolis is on the Dr. Oz Show Today to talk about the afterlife and she will be “reading” the audience to reveal astounding information. Margolis claims she has been in touch with the spirit world since childhood and travels the world connecting the living with the dead. Dr. Oz is open minded but […]

Dangerous New Diet Craze Exposed On Dr. Oz Show Today 3/22/2012

dr. oz mothers little helper

There is a new diet craze called “Mother’s Little Helper” that is sweeping the country and Dr. Oz says it can be harmful to your health. Guests for today’s show are Dr. Janet Taylor, Dr. Mike Dow, Jackie Warner, Bryce Wylde, and Dr. Clifford Bassett. The show will also feature discussions on alternatives to prescription […]

Doctor Oz Show Recap: 4 Pains You Should Not Ignore 3/21/2012

Oz Pain Warning

Dr. Oz is talking about aches and pains today and will give us information on how to recognize the pains that are warning us about serious problems. The first pain is jaw pain that moves around and 43% of the audience has experienced this pain. Oz says this could be a sign of a heart […]

Dr. Oz Unveils New Miracle Appetite Suppressant Today 3/16/2012

Oz Belly Supplement

Doctor Oz is having another previously aired show today discussing belly blasting supplements, appetite suppressants, and Deepak Chopra’s Stress Fighting Secrets. The miracle appetite suppressant is Satiereal Saffron Extract. Oz says saffron turns on the same pleasure sensors in our brains that carbs do, so we fell satisfied. He says we need about 90mg a […]

Dr. Oz Today: Do You Have The Right To End Your Own Life? 3/15/2012

montel williams on dr. oz

Doctor Oz is showing a previously recorded episode today with Montel Williams and Dr. Keith Ablow squaring off in a debate about assisted suicide. Should you have the right to end your own life if you choose to? Many people struggle with living with pain, knowing they are dying from a disease like cancer, or […]

Dr. Oz Today: Worry Free Diet Plan To Lower Your Stress 3/13/2012

dr. oz worry free diet

Today, the Doctor Oz Show is all about lowering stress in our lives and how worrying can be harmful to your health. The whole hour today is about mental health, stress and wellness and will feature Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, Dr. Holly Phillips, MD, Dr. Rovenia Brock, PhD, and Kristen Johnson. Now we all have worries […]