“Dr. Oz” Unveils Supermarket Dirty Secrets and Gives Tips on Fat-Burning Snacks!


Do you think you know all your supermarkets “dirty” secrets? This afternoon on “Dr. Oz” (2/21/14), he unveils some of the lastest known dirty secrets about what goes on in the supermarket you might be shopping at. His guest, Peter DeLucia, states at the top of the show the most scary department is meats because […]

New Cutting Edge Treatments For Fibroids On Dr. Oz Show Today


Dr. Oz, February 19, 2014, will be revealing new advanced treatments for those that suffer with fibroids on the show today. What are fibroids? Fibroids are non cancerous tumors that grow in and around the female reproductive organs. While the majority of these tumors are harmless, they can cause problems like pain during menstruation along […]