Dr. Oz Today 1/3/2012: New Miracle Pill To Lose Weight And Dr. Phil Talks Breaking Bad Habits


Doctor Oz today starts of the new year with a show dedicated to a new “Miracle Pill” that is supposed to let you lose inches off you body in weeks instead of months. The new show will also feature Montel Williams and he will be discussing the many natural supplements that are available for a […]

The Dilemma of Hungry Americans on the “Dr. Phil Show” Today (12/13/11)

Dr. Phil 10 Years

This morning on the “Dr. Phil Show,” Dr. Phil will be looking at the dilemma of hungry Americans in this country as we head into the winter months and especially, the holiday season! As we count our blessings, let’s not forget the unfortunate who are struggling to not only find housing, but meals! Dr. Phil […]

The Entitled, Self-Centered, Lazy Generation Parents Have Raised on the “Dr. Phil Show” Today!

Dr. Phil 10 Years

This morning on the “Dr. Phil Show,” Dr. Phil talks with two mothers and their seemingly self-centered kids who are a part of the new “me” generation. The mothers claim these children do not do anything for themselves. Are they from an entitled, lazy generation were have raised? The first guests are Dorothy (mother) and […]

Preview 12/7: Dr. Oz Talks to Oprah And Dr. Phil Takes On Generation Lazy


Dr. Oz today will be bringing the queen of daytime talk shows back on the air with an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey. This will be the first time Oprah has returned to daytime TV since she returned earlier this year. Oprah will be talking about personal reinvention and give the latest updates about her […]

ABUSE…It’s Not Just a “Male” Problem! Dr. Phil Discusses Abusive Relationships Today!

Domestic Violence

ABUSE…it’s not just a “male” problem as Dr. Phil reveals on the “Dr. Phil Show” today (12/1/11). Abusive relationships result when one individual feels the need to exert exclusive control over the every action of another and as discovered this morning, sometimes those offenders are female! Anger intervention is the actual topic for the show […]

The Doctors: Today See How Far is Too Far to Be Beautiful and Kids in Pageants, is it a Good Idea?

The Doctors Logo

When it comes to your health, what risks are you willing to take? That’s the question that the experts on “The Doctors” will try to help viewers answer. Dr. Drew Ordon and E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork will explain the dangers of excessive plastic surgery, perhaps hoping to convince Sarah of the dangers in an […]

Dr. Phil Season 10 Opens with Casey Anthony’s Parents – BANG!

dr phil season 10

Season 10 of the Dr. Phil Show is opening with quite the bang: an exclusive interview with Casey Anthony’s parents, Cindy and George Anthony on September 12. Perhaps the most notorious trial of the century so far, Casey Anthony’s trial and acquittal of murder and child abuse in Florida riveted the nation. Virtually convicted by […]