Doctor Oz today starts of the new year with a show dedicated to a new “Miracle Pill” that is supposed to let you lose inches off you body in weeks instead of months. The new show will also feature Montel Williams and he will be discussing the many natural supplements that are available for a […]

This morning on the “Dr. Phil Show,” Dr. Phil will be looking at the dilemma of hungry Americans in this country as we head into the winter months and especially, the holiday season! As we count our blessings, let’s not forget the unfortunate who are struggling to not only find housing, but meals! Dr. Phil […]

This morning on the “Dr. Phil Show,” Dr. Phil talks with two mothers and their seemingly self-centered kids who are a part of the new “me” generation. The mothers claim these children do not do anything for themselves. Are they from an entitled, lazy generation were have raised? The first guests are Dorothy (mother) and […]

Dr. Oz today will be bringing the queen of daytime talk shows back on the air with an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey. This will be the first time Oprah has returned to daytime TV since she returned earlier this year. Oprah will be talking about personal reinvention and give the latest updates about her […]