“American Idol” Eliminates Its First Contestants as Field Narrowed to Top 13!


Over the past couple of days, television audiences viewed the judges choices for the semi-finalists and now it is America’s voice to be heard as the top ten are announced to continue in the competition for “American Idol 2014.” The judges will select three wildcards to continue from performances this evening. Will it be a […]

“American Idol” Takes New Format Along with a New Judge Panel!


Last night, American Idol  2014 kicked off the semi-finalist live competitions with a new format where fifteen women were announced to perform on the big stage during rush week. Those America will be voting on are: Majesty Rose York, Kristen O’Connor, Briana Oakley, Jena Irene, Bria Anai Johnson, Marrialle Sellers, Jessica Meuse, Emily Piriz, Emkay Nobilette (MK), […]

American Idol Recap: America Says Goodbye To Haley Reinhart

Tonight on American Idol season 10, American said goodbye to Haley Reinhart. The 3 finialist got the chance to visit their hometowns and performan in front of thousands of people! We got to first see Haley Reinhart visiting her hometown and seen an overwhelming flow of emotions as she seen thousands of people welcoming her […]

American Idol Recap: Our Final 3 Bring It On!

Tonight on American Idol season 10, our final 3 contestants bring it on! The final 3 had the chance to work with the multi-talented artist Beyonce! Tonight’s show started off with Beyonce working with the cute, Scotty McCreery who performed a song by group Lone Star, “Amazed”. I didn’t think that it was Scotty’s best performance, […]

American idol Recap: The Final 4 Battle It Out

Tonight on American Idol season 10, the final 4 contestants battle it out on stage tonight for America’s votes! Contestants were asked to pick songs that move them and perform them live for all America to see. James Durbin was the first to take the stage performing “Don’t Stop Believing”, saying that this song has […]

American Idol Results: America Said Goodbye To Casey Abrams

Tonight on American Idol season 10, contestants take the stage to wait out their fate! We got the chance to hear Crystal Bowersox perform live on the idol stage and I was so excited! Crystal Bowersox has proven to the world that she was destined to be a singer! Tonight we also got the chance […]

American Idol Recap: With Only 6 Contestants Left, Tonight’s Votes Mean Everything

Tonight on American Idol season 10, with only 6 contestants left, tonight’s votes mean everything! Are final 6 made huge jumps and come out of their comfort zones! Babyface was one of the contestants coaches for this weeks Carol King challenge! Each contestant had to do songs by artist Carol King and they all did […]

American Idol Recap: Performances By David Cook And Katy Perry Tonight On Idol!

Tonight on American Idol season 10, performances by David Cook and Katy Perry rocked the idol stage! After last nights performances, idol contestants didn’t know who would land their spot in the bottom 3, but gave us some time in between to talk about their journey this far! Scotty, Lauren, Haley and Jacob started the […]

American Idol Recap: James Durbin Gave Tonight’s Best Performance!

Tonight on American Idol season 10, our final 7 contestants performed once again for America’s votes! Scotty McCreery decided that he would sing “Just A Swinging” and I thought that it was different from the rest of his past song choices! Scotty did a good job on the song, but the judges didn’t think he […]

American Idol Recap: Kelly Clarkston, Jason Aldean and Rhianna Performed Live On American Idol Tonight!

Tonight on American Idol season 10, stars showed up to perform some of their latest hits live on the idol stage! Jason Aldean and former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkston, took to the stage tonight singing their hit, “Don’t You Want To Stay” and they sounded incredible! It is always fun to see former idol […]