Kitchen Nightmares Recap 1/27/2012: Revisting The Restaurants Ramsay Helped

kitchen nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares tonight will take us down memory lane as Chef Ramsay revisits a few of the restaurants he has tried to save and see if they are enjoying success. The first stop is the Spanish Pavilion in New Jerssy. This was another one of those family affairs that had gone really bad. The brothers […]

Kitchen Nightmares 1/13/2012: Chef Ramsay Tries To Fix Michon’s In Georgia


Kitchen Nightmares is heading down to Georgia tonight and Chef Ramsay is trying to save Michon’s Smoked Meats and Seafood with his usual hard hitting style. The show starts with Ramsay seeing that the owner of this restaurant is too sick to run it and his daughter is slacking in her management. The staff is […]

Kitchen Nightmares 12/9: Chef Ramsay Revisits Some Places He Has Helped


Kitchen Nightmares tonight has Chef Ramsay going back to several of the restaurants he has helped in the past to see how they are doing. Will he find that he has kept these businesses on track or will they be heading down the wrong path again. This season, we have seen restaurants that were plagued […]

Kitchen Nightmares Recap 11/11: Can Burger Kitchen Be Saved? Chef Ramsay’s Solutions


Kitchen Nightmares took Chef Ramsay into Burger Kitchen where a dominating father was destroying his restaurant and his relationship with his son. Now the food was terrible. Chef David Blaine, the head chef, could not seem to get along with Alan and his wife, who own the restaurant. He produced a great burger when left […]