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SNEAK PEEK “GCB” – Booby Basket Drops Sharon When Confronting Amanda About Harlot Code

Tonight on “GCB” Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb) is confronted by Sharon (Jennifer Aspen) who thinks she is hitting on her husband, Zack (Brad Beyer), who is the real culprit. She is put up to the antics at Boobylicious following last week counter-maneuver by Amanda after Carlene Cockburn (Kristin Chenoweth) decided to dress the girls in […]

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“GCB” Sneak Peek Video (3/11/12) – “Jesus, Take the Wheel” and Steer Amanda Out of Dallas!

Those who missed last week’s premiere of “GCB”, here is an extended sneak peek of the episode to air tonight on ABC beginning 1t 10/9c despite the objections of Newt Gingrich! A quick rundown is that Amanda Vaughn, high school mean girl, returned to Dallas after the death of her husband and things are getting […]

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GCB Premiere Recap (3/4/12): One Mean Girl Replaces Another in the Battle of Christian Code!

The new ABC comedy, GCB (Good Christian B…..s), premiered this evening and it will surely be getting some backlash from the Christian community with its references to the bible and it’s “over the top” violation of Christian principles as the gossip starts the minute Amanda Vaughn gets back in to Dallas! This is my kind […]

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GCB (Good Christian Belles) Premieres Tonight on ABC – How Far Over the Top Does It Go?

Tonight is the ABC premiere of the new comedy GCB which was formerly known as “Good Christian Bi**hes” but the name was changed when it was thought to be controversial to “Good Christian Belles” but we all know what it is really about! You got that right…Texan women bashing one another and with a bang […]