Dr. Oz, May 7, 2013, promises brand new solutions for chronic pain and he has assembled a whole team of doctors to deal with all you major problems. Lisa Lillien, The Hungry Girl, will also be on the show to give us new 5 minutes fixes for your biggest problems with food. Pain is something […]

Doctor Oz has Lisa Lillien on the show today and she is bringing out her new Hungry Girl’s Diet that will let you eat more and still shed pounds. Oz opens the show by introducing Lisa Lillien and three women that have followed her diet plan and lost a lot of weight. She is just […]

The Doctor Oz show today is promising us a new plan that will let us eat twice as much and lose 10 pounds this month. Can we actually eat more and lose weight? Oz has always talked about how we can eat smarter to get more food with less calories. By making simple substitutes in […]