“My Big Redneck Vacation” (3/24/12): “I Do” Hamptons!

Jared and Michelle Married

“My Big Redneck Vacation” was more like “My Big Redneck Wedding” tonight as CMT television presented Michelle and Jared’s wedding in the Hamptons. The last of the Clampet clan arrives the night before the wedding and the guys from the south decide to make some homemade devices which include a potato shooter which blasts rice […]

“My Big Redneck Wedding” Preview (VIDEO): Nothing Says REDNECK like a Homemade Blender and Antlers!

CMT My Big Redneck Vacation

This is IT! “My Big Redneck Vacation” tonight becomes “My Big Redneck Wedding” scenario! It is the moment everyone has been waiting for during this first season of “My Big Redneck Vacation”…Michelle and Jared’s redneck wedding! For those who never watched the television show on CMT “My Big Redneck Wedding” you will be in for […]

RECAP My Big Redneck Vacation: The Clampets “Take It Off” Broadway!

Clampets in Manhattan

Tonight on “My Big Redneck Vacation” Jared and Michelle have to go into New York to meet a cake designer to the stars and the entire Clampet clan decides to tag-along.  This is turning out to be more like the show “My Big Redneck Wedding” as time passes. So what happens when the hillbillies hit […]