60 Minutes 2/19/2012: Helping Unemployed, Depression Treatments, And Chess Superstar

60 Minutes tonight focuses on helping the long term unemployed, new treatments for depression, and an interview with the Mozart of Chess. Many Americans have found themselves in a tight spot and have been unemployed for over a year. In that time, skill sets have changed and some have realized that it is going to […]

60 Minutes Tonight 1/22/2012 Recap: Wildebeests, Elephant Talk, And Jane Goodall


60 Minutes Tonight, “Into the Wild”, will take us to Kenya, look at how we are learning to talk “elephant”, and give us and up close interview with Jane Goodall. Scott Pelley heads to Kenya in the first segment to see one of the world’s greatest migrations. Wildebeests head 370 miles from Tanzania to Kenya […]

“60 Minutes” Tonight (10/16/11): Who Killed Van Gogh and the Afghanistan War

Tick, tick, tick…the sound of the infamous stopwatch signaling the beginning of a new episode of “60 Minutes” on CBS. Tonight (10/16/11) the show will explore whether or not Vincent Van Gogh really killed himself as Morley Safer reveals new evidence suggesting Van Gogh may not have died by his own hands and Scott Pelley discusses […]