The Adventures of Tintin Review: Spielberg Makes A New Classic


The Adventures of Tintin is a 3D breath of fresh air that will take you on an adventure you will not soon forget. Steven Spielberg has worked his magic once again with this stop motion animation tale of adventure and intrigue. First, the scenery in this film will blow you away. Every little detail is […]

Real Steel Review: This Is No Movie For Small Kids


Real Steel promised a compelling tale of a man learning to be a good father, along with all the action that every kid will love and it delivered on most all levels. (See You tube Trailer Below) First, Hugh Jackman, playing Charlie Kenton, delivers an over the top performance as a father that finally learns […]

Interview with Brendan Wayne: John Wayne’s Grandson, ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Star, and Passionate Patriot

brendan wayne

John Wayne may have been larger than life in some respects, but from my interview with his grandson, I would say that Brendan Wayne is poised to be equally large; if not in height then depth of character and willingness to speak his mind. Brendan Wayne plays Deputy Charlie Lyle in the movie Cowboys & […]