The Doctors 12/14: Health And Beauty Tips From Around The World

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The Doctors today are exploring health and beauty tips that you might not know about since they are from various cultures from around the world. The show promises to give us international recipes that will have us living to 100 years old or more. We will also see new tips to keep your lips luscious […]

The Doctors Goes Pink 11/30: The Pink Method Diet And Other Pink Health Issues


The Doctors opened today and they will be discussing “Pink” Health issues from the new Pink Method diet to pink eye. Dr. Stark starts out with the Pink Method diet that is the latest diet craze. Pink stands for Power, Intensity, Nutrition, and Kardio. There are different levels and it is based on healthy eating […]

The Doctors 11/28 Recap: Taking Charge Of Your Health


The Doctors opens up with a medical miracle patient named Tammy who is the first west coast recipient of a new artificial heart. It is controlled by a portable compressor and it will give her time to wait for a heart transplant. This is not a permanent fix but it is only temporary. Tammy says […]