Extreme Couponing: Vicki Vents about Hoarding vs. Saving

Had you watched TLC’s Extreme Couponing tonight you would have saw Missy Eby of Florida and Amy Woodall of Missouri accomplish a feat that is akin to climbing Mount Everest, especially if your Mount involves piles of bills.  These women bought over $1,500 worth of stuff (combined) paying less than $14 total. See my article […]

Extreme Couponing (Recap): Missy & Amy Got Over $1,500 of STUFF for Less Than $14

Tonight on episode 3 of Extreme Couponing, seen on TLC, we met Missy Eby.  Stay at home mom whose home business of saving her family money has saved them over $60,000 last year.  This Floridian has a stockpile worth over $75,000 and it has in it more than 10,000 food, health, and beauty items from […]