Survivor Cagayan: Beware the Merge as the “Head of the Snake” is Sought…to be CHOPPED!


Last week was quite a shake up on Survivor Cagayan when Lindsey quit the game after Cliff was blindsided the previous week at tribal council. This is the season of blindsides as Alexis was taken by surprise as she was sent packing by the Aparri tribe after they lost the immunity challenge to the brawn-filled Solana tribe. What will happen […]

Survivor Cagayan Recap: Whose Time is it to Shine?


This week on Survivor Cagayan one of the tribes will shine but which one? During the immunity challenge, one tribe considers benching a strong member in order to “throw” the competition while one castaway melts down at the reward challenge? For those inquiring minds who want to know what happened on this episode of “Survivor”, […]

“Survivor One World” Premiere Recap: Season 23 Brings Two Tribes, One Camp, and NO Rules!

One World Cast

“Survivor One World” premiere tonight featured two tribes, one camp, and no rules, so this might just be the season of scandals, but then hasn’t each one to some degree? This marks the beginning of “Survivor” season 23 and for those who missed the show, this is what happened on “Survivor” tonight~ The show immediately […]